"The Adventures of Incredibly Determined Gril" is an action adventure television series produced by Chaos Studios starring Patty in the role of Incredibly Determined Girl. Henry directs it.


  • Incredibly Determined Girl or Determined Girl AKA Penelope Persistent played by Patty
  • Dr. Madman AKA Isaac Insanity played by Dr. Smarts
  • Mayor Malcolm played by Carla
  • Gary Gizmo Played by Steve
  • Carter Clueless played by Nigel Blobble


Penolope Persistent never gives up on anything. Left in the care of Officer Carter Clueless after being orphaned, she is given a magic suit that allows her to recover from any mishap. With the help of her friend Gary Gizmo, a scientist and inventor, Penelope attempts to protect the city of Here Town from the evil Dr. Madman among other criminals under the guise of Incredibly Determined Girl.