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Joey is a young kangaroo living in Calamity City.


Joey was born in Calamity City. He attends Calamity City Preschool.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Joey is a small brown kangaroo. He is often seen wearing a green T-shirt.


Joey is a no nonsense snarker. He is likely the smartest person in the room. He appears to dislike every one around him and every situation he's in. He's a perpetual frowner. He has brilliant ideas, but usually no motivation to act on them. He has also displayed some criminal tendencies.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

He is incredibly smart.



Friends and Family (And Others)Edit

Ricardo: A classmate at Calamity Preschool, and reluctant friend, although accomplice is closer.

Comics, Stills, and Story AppearancesEdit

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