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Jack is a young giraffe living in Calamity City.


Jack was born in Calamity City and attends Calamity City Preschool.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jack is a yellow giraffe with many purple triangles marking his back and neck. His pupils are the same purple as his triangles. He often wears a blue and purple propeller hat and a purple shirt decorated with blue triangles and blue pants decorated with purple triangles.


Jack is kind hearted and will never let his friends down.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Jack has the ability to stretch his neck to amazing lengths. How far his neck can be stretched is unknown. Also unknown is whether he can stretch other parts of his body.


Friends and Family (And Others)Edit

  • Patty: A classmate and a good friend.

Comics, Stills, and Story AppearancesEdit

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