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Dr. Smarts, also known as Nelson Smarts, is an actor/mad scientist living in Calamity City.


Dr. Smarts was born in Calamity City. After getting his degree in mad science at Calamity City University, as well as minoring in theatre, he became a professor at CCU, as well as a freelance mad scientist, and a part time actor working at Chaos Studios. He lives with his niece, Regina Human.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a human scientist.


He is a very despicable person who enjoys seeing others in pain.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

He is an educated man with more than a passing knowledge on Toonology. His mad scientist skills are top notch, able to bend the laws of known physics with very little effort. He is also a talented actor.



Friends and Family (And Others)Edit

Regina Human: Niece. He often likes to use her for his experiments. Splat The Cat: His assistant and guinea pig. Justin: Occasional lab rat. Larry Ferret: Colleague at the Calamity City University. Patty: Coworker at Chaos Studios. Henry: Director at Chaos Studios.

Comics, Stills, and Story AppearancesEdit

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