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Ashley is an orange cat living in Calamity City.


Ashley was born in Calamity City. She lives with her parents and younger brother Adam. She goes to Calamity City General School.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is an orange cat. She has long blonde hair on the top of her head. She often wears a pink and blue top. She is 16 years old.


She is secretly evil. She loves to torture her brother, but is kind to nearly everyone else, although she still has a sadistic streak, especially if you cross her.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Ashley considers herself to be a very cunning girl. She can talk anybody into doing anything she wants them to. She can talk herself out of any jam.


Ashley lives with her younger brother Adam and her parents.

Friends and Family (And Others)Edit

Adam: Younger brother.

Comics, Stills, and Story AppearancesEdit

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